What do I need to know?

We know visiting a new church can be a bit of a scary experience, so we’ve answered a few questions you might have.

What time does church start, when should I set my alarm?
Mahurangi Vineyard kicks off at 10am on a Sunday.

What should I wear?
We are a casual bunch, so wear whatever you are comfortable in.  It’s safe to say it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a suit and tie or couture fashion walk through the door.

How do I get there?
If you click here you can get directions to us.  We are right beside the library on Hamatana Road so there is plenty of parking.

Are kids welcome?
Absolutely – we love kids.  At our service we have a full kids programme for anyone aged 1-14.  Creche (ages 1-4) is in the ‘Betty Paxton Room’ within the community centre.  Tribe (year 0-6) meets in the entrance and crosses the road to 'The Factory’.  Amped (years 7 -9) meet in the entrance and walk 150m down the road to the Springboard premises.  The kid's programmes start after we’ve done a couple of worship songs (so around 10 minutes into church).  The kids are served morning tea in their programmes and safely delivered back to the community centre at 11:30am.

What do you do when it’s over?
Glad you asked. At Mahurangi Vineyard we place a high value on hospitality, so at the end of each service we have a great morning tea – coffee, tea and beautiful baking to enjoy.  It’s all for free, so help yourself.

What happens during the service?
We’ll start with a couple of songs, then we’ll break to share some notices about what’s going on in church and then send the pre-school and kids out to their programmes. We will continue with a few more songs and then get into some teaching.  We will often end with some prayer or ministry and aim to finish by 11:30am.

Will I be singled out for being new?
No you won’t be, we want your time with us to be relaxed and on your terms.  When you arrive you will be welcomed at the door and new comers get the treat of a goody bag which tells you a little about us and a large block of chocolate (pays to say you’re new!)

Our heart is that you will experience a friendly, normal bunch of people who love God and doing their best to love others.  If you have any more queries or just want to get in touch, click below to send us a message: