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Soup Sunday - Home Edition

We’re changing things up for July.

Instead of having soup together straight after church we’re inviting you to open your homes to share soup together.

Same concept - make a crock pot of soup and a loaf of bread and invite another family to enjoy it with you or many families!

Why not share it with someone you’d like to get to know better.  Don’t be shy and let’s make sure everyone is included.

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Tables - Social event

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Tables is a one night event where all over Snells/Algies/Warkworth multiple meals will be happening around the Table.We will provide a kick-starter for the hosts, and the hosts will provide a great atmosphere for the evening.We have spoken of ‘The Table’ so often at church as a powerful place of connection, so on Saturday May 26th we want to see people getting together at multiple homes to share a meal, meet some new people and have a great time together.  We are looking for hosts to be willing to open their home and then of course we need you to come along, contribute to the meal and have a great evening together. 

Register here! 

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YOUTH - Social

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This Friday we'll be closing up the term with a cosy movie night for this yucky cold weather we've got going on! 

There will be no family dinner this week but we'll have snacks and popcorn. Bring anything cosy you want to keep you warm. 

5.30-7.30 in the Factory! 

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Well from 6pm-9pm it is for THE BOYS! 

We've got boys night coming up, it will be at the Elley's house (578 Mahurangi East Road, Algies) and it will be an awesome BBQ! 

We have the most amazing men coming to hang out and have fun with you guys and it will be so good. Invite your friends, put it in your phone reminders and get pumped up!!! 

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