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Charli Perkins - Youth Pastor

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Charli has worked for Mahurangi Vineyard since July 2017 when she moved over from the UK.

She absolutely loves Jesus, people and going for coffees. She also loves (despite her lack of skill), surfing, climbing and walking around aimlessly.

She has a degree in Theology and a wide variety of experience working with young people.

You can usually find her in Little and Local with her laptop or looking around the warehouse for good deals.

Contact: Charli Perkins on 

Philip Perkins - Youth Leader

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Philip is a builder and works for his brother's company Perkins Brothers Building.

He adores people, going out on his boat, wake boarding like an absolute pro, fishing for the biggest catch and cooking up a storm.

Philip loves God and he is always up for a deep discussion. Phil loves hanging out with young people and spends a lot of his time mentoring, helping out with Youth and coming up with great ideas.