Running for the Dogs - Vicki Morrison-Shaw

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How cool are dogs? Loyal, goofy, fun-loving, brave and super smart too. For most of us we buy a dog because we want to, but for others, dogs and in particular guide dogs, provide a means to live an independent life. I have signed up to run the 2018 ASB Auckland Half Marathon as part of the Team Guide Dogs to raise money so the Blind Foundation can train more guide dogs. It would be great to have your support - whether that is by donating using the give now button on the link below, by sharing my page with your friends, family and networks or by joining me on a training run. Every little bit helps. I will be updating my page to let you know how the training is going and sharing photos of some of the runs (and running buddies) so check in from time to time. I'm excited to get underway - as Scrappy Doo would say "Lemme at em!"